Dipika Shrestha

Dipika Shrestha is currently studying Master of International Affairs at Marxe School of Public and International Affairs - Baruch College in New York City.

She is a media professional and trainer with experience in Media Production, Coordinating Training, Communications Development, and Executing Media Strategies. At BBC Media Action Nepal office she was working as a Producer, Trainer, and Project Associate for projects on Maternal and Child Health, Climate Change, and Emergency Communication. 

She did her Masters Degree in Business Studies from Tribhuwan University in Nepal in 2014.

Some of her productions and publications

 ·       Helping Nepalese Immigrants for 11 Years

 ·       Nepali artist displays artworks at Manhattan exhibition

. Project Associate and Communications Trainer, Lifeline Programming, Nepal, BBC Media Action, 2012 - 2015

·       Organized an event in New York to mark International Women's Day, 2015

·       Producer/ presenter for the first 21 episodes of Milijuli Nepali, a daily emergency radio program of life-saving information for those affected by the earthquake of April 2015 in Nepal

·       Research, video and narration for BBC Media Action Nepal Overview, 2012

·       Research for the production of BBC's My Media Action film, 2012

·       Personal ‘blog site’ www.dipikaphotography.blogspot.com

Connect with her:

FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, Instagram, and dipikaphotography@gmail.com